“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone at Pharmacy Solutions to keep up the good work. I have not had a lot of encounters with Pharmacy Solutions, but each one has been professional, personal and sincere. I can honestly say, I have never before had a pharmacy send me a letter thanking me for availing myself of their services. All I can say is WOW! Thank you!”
Dannie, Arlington TX
“Thanks for the lunch and tour of your great new facility!. You guys do a great job in the Metroplex, providing excellent pharmacy services, education and support. Keep up the good work!”
M Fite, Fort Worth TX
“In regards to his topical pain compound, I have a hard time walking if I don’t have it.”
James, Arlington TX
“I’ve been going to Pharmacy Solutions for many years now. They are the best compounding pharmacy around!”
Gwen, Kennedale TX
“Please send me another tube of pain compound and pump. I believe it’s a really great product, though I’ve only used it a short time. I want to thank Joyce, Mike and Chris for all the help each has given me. I’m trying to apply it exactly like Mike (pharmacist) instructed me to. You folks are the most accommodating pharmacy I have ever done business with. May the Lord bless each one of you.”
Don, Fort Worth TX
“I know you have received many notes like this one. Since I started my medicine I feel like a new person. This was needed emotionally and mentally. I appreciate the instruction and customer service. You guys are rare. Thanks again.”
Viola, Fort Worth TX
“I am pleased with all my medicine from Pharmacy Solutions, it works great! The pharmacy staff is always very attentive and polite. Thank you for all your hard work!”
Olga, Arlington TX
“Thank you Mike for always taking your time to answer my questions and to explain medical terms. I want to compliment the staff at Pharmacy Solutions, they are always polite and accommodating and it would be great if more businesses would follow Pharmacy Solutions example. Thanks again!”
Jill B.
“We are hopeful that this medication ‘casts it’s spell’ by providing us more time with Austin. He is 91 years old and we realize he is ‘getting up there’, but a few more years would be very nice as long as he is not in pain or discomfort. Thank you Pharmacy Solutions.”
Mel Goodson
“Pharmacy Solutions has the combined essence of a local, hometown pharmacy but with the necessary professionalism needed in today’s medical society. Over the last few years, I’ve utilized their facility for their compounded medications. Not only is the staff courteous and knowledgable, they go out of their way to make sure the patient fully understands the mediations received. The pharmacists keep a close relationship with the physician to ensure the patient is getting the highest quality of medication possible. They are prompt in filling prescriptions and even offer a mail-order service if the patient is unable to make it to the pharmacy. If there is a desired medication needed, the pharmacist can develop a formula to produce almost any medication that may not be commercially available. I will continue to use Pharmacy Solutions for my compound medications.”
John, Arlington TX
I have been on the autologous eye serum since mid-July. I was put on the drops to maximize my healing from cornea surgery. My doctor told me to put the drops in the other eye as well as it just my do some good. By mid-September, my cornea was perfectly healed. The huge surprise was that the eye that had had no surgery and only the serum drops improved two lines on the eye chart! Although I have glaucoma and a macular hole, the drops had now allowed me to be a legal driver again for the first time in 2 1/2 years!
Allen B. - Judson, TX