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    Xylitol-Free Gabapentin for Pain Management

    Xylitol-Free Gabapentin for Pain Management

    Although only approved for human use, Gabapentin is widely used in veterinary medicine for both neuroleptic and analgesic indications, and has become a valuable adjunct in veterinary therapies. Gabapentin was available as a scored 100mg tablet allowing for some small animal dosing, however this dosage form has been discontinued leaving only 100mg capsules and Neurontin® 50mg/ml oral solution on the market. Unfortunately, Neurontin® solution contains potentially toxic doses of xylitol, an artificial sweetener known to cause profound hypoglycemia and hepatic necrosis in canines. Gabapentin is also used quite frequently in felines at small doses, however it is unknown if cats have the same intolerance with xylitol as dogs. Also, the strawberry taste of Neurontin® solution is not typically cat-friendly flavor, so the compounded preparation is often a welcome alternative.

    At Pharmacy Solutions, we have the ability to precisely compound patient-specific doses of Gabapentin into capsules, treats, and xylitol-free suspensions. Your prescription compounding needs are our specialty!!

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    Cat/Dog Dosing: 10mg to 15mg/kg orally up to 3 times daily.