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    Cytauxzoonosis and Atovaquone

    Cytauxzoonosis is an infection caused by a protozoal hemoparasite called Cytauxzoon felis. The protozoan is transmitted by Ixodid ticks that ingest infected blood or tissue cells. The parasite has been seen in southeastern and south-central states of the United States more commonly during months of April through September. Cats living near heavily wooded, low-population residential areas [...]

    Can Medications Deplete the Nutrients Our Bodies Need?

    We are blessed to live in a time when there are thousands of pharmaceutical treatments available for the majority of medical problems we face today.  These miracle drugs have saved or improved millions of lives over the last hundred years. But did you know that many of those drugs are known to cause the body to [...]

    Nebulized Clotrimazole for Avian Aspergillosis

    Avian Aspergillosis is the most common fungal disease of the avian respiratory tract with the primary culprit being Aspergillosis fumigatus. This infection can be challenging to treat at times for a number of reasons. The initial diagnosis of distinguishing Aspergillosis can be tricky since this opportunistic infection often presents with non-specific symptoms. Predisposing conditions such as immunocompromised, unsanitary conditions, malnutrition and respiratory [...]

    PDMP Blog

    Prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) are government tools that monitor controlled substance prescribing patterns, pharmacy dispensing, and patient use of regulated substances. PMDPs, also referred to as Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMPs) are now enacted in 49 of 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam. As of this writing in October 2019, Missouri is the [...]

    New Hope for Gastric and Colon Cancer Patients?

    By: Tom Siegenthaler, DPh, RPh, FACA Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cancer and the third highest lethal cancer of all cancers worldwide.  Two thirds of gastric cancer patients have advanced or metastatic disease at time of discovery.  Most often patients do not have a lot of symptoms.  There have been modest improvements in therapy, but even [...]

    New Hope for Patients Suffering from Brain Tumors?

    Mebendazole is being studied in treating glioblastoma multiforme. By: Tom Siegenthaler, DPh, RPh, FACA The antiparasitic drug mebendazole has shown improvement in 2 preclinical models of the brain cancer glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).  Mebendazole has shown in laboratory and animal studies as a promising drug for GBM.  Other studies have looked at combining mebendazole (MBZ) with other chemotherapeutic [...]