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  • Nutritional Counseling

    Learn more about nutritional counseling and when is the best time to see one of our nutrition specialists.

    7 Tips on How to avoid weight gain this season

    If you’re a foodie, spring is the perfect weather to have cookouts and be food adventurous! With new activities to manage during spring, we have to remember how important our health is in order to prevent weight gain. Here are some tips on how to avoid weight gain while still enjoying your spring activities.  Go [...]

    Supplements to Take if You Are Vegan or Vegetarian

    Eating all of the vitamins and minerals you need from foods can often be a challenge for most Americans. Now eliminate meat, or even more extreme, all animal products including eggs and dairy and you’ve created an even more difficult way to fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to run efficiently. [...]

    Belt Feeling Tighter Than Normal? Start with Nutritional Counseling!

      Holiday parties, gift shopping, traveling, and a whole lot of relaxation- these are only a few of the things that make the holidays festive and bright. One thing that the holidays also bring in is a big dose of sweets that often leave us feeling sluggish, puffy, stressed, and not so slim [...]