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  • OPHTHALMIC SOLUTION 2020-01-15T15:50:18+00:00


    Autologous serum is an ophthalmic solution that uses a patient’s own serum as a therapy for dry eyes or associated corneal or other problems.

    The concept of using blood serum as an eye drop comes as a surprise to most people. The reasoning is that in unusually dry eyes or cornea problems, one can replace all the moisture needed, but by using artificial tears patients are missing out on the nutrients that normal tears provide. Artificial tears are able to provide water and viscosity to the eye, but they have no nutrients. In addition to moisture, the blood serum provides nutrients such as trace minerals, proteins, antibodies, and growth factors.


    There are no preservatives anywhere in this process. Patients are to use one of the provided vials for up to one week, keeping it refrigerated, while keeping the rest of the vials frozen.

    As with all eye drops, wait at least five minutes between use of this and any other drop. The eye has a limited capacity to retain the drops, so if used too close together, some of the drops will be lost to the eye.

    Keep the dropper bottles away from other people, since it is a blood product.


    What percentage of blood serum do you use in the solution?
    We use whatever percentage of serum you’d like. The most common percentages are 20% and 25%, but up to 100% serum has been done.

    When can I drop off my blood vials?
    Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. *Note: We are not able to prepare the autologous serum eye drops on Saturday at this time.

    Will you hold my blood until the next refill?
    No. We will use what we are able to from each vial of blood, and then we will appropriately discard any remaining serum.

    How long does it take to compound the drops?
    Typically it will take one to two hours from the time the blood serum and prescription are dropped off, but that timeframe is subject to change. We will let you know an estimated pickup time when you drop off. Please note that certain times of the day are busier than others. We have observed the hours between 12pm and 2pm to be the busiest times to drop off.

    How many vials will you make?
    Unless we are instructed otherwise, we make all vials that the provided serum will make. If you have other requests, please let us know. It is hard to tell exactly how much we can make until we begin drawing up the blood serum in our clean room. There are factors that influence how many vials of eye drops we can make for you:

    • The concentration requested by your doctor
    • The number of blood tubes that are drawn at the lab
    • Volume of blood serum from the tubes

    What is the minimum amount that can be made?
    7 eyedropper vials of 5ml each, or 10 eyedropper vials of 2.5ml each.

    Can you hold the eye drops for another pickup day?
    All autologous serum eye drops should be picked up the same day that they are made. We understand that this is not always possible, so we will hold them until the following day upon request. *Note: The pharmacist must be notified in advance.

    When can I pick up my eye drops?
    Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, or Saturday from 9am to 1 pm upon request.

    Can I have someone else pick them up?
    Yes, with authorization from the patient.

    Can you ship the autologous serum eye drops to me?
    No, we cannot ship this particular compound at this time.

    How long can I use each vial before they expire?
    1 week under refrigeration, or 6 months when frozen at -20°F


    Whether you are a provider wanting information on recommending this solution to patients, or if you are a patient wanting more details, please call 817-274-0050 or fill out form below.