OrthoMune | the ultimate supplement built to support your body’s immune system

OrthoMune | the ultimate supplement built to support your body’s immune system

OrthoMune | the ultimate supplement built to support your body’s immune system

OrthoMune | the ultimate supplement built to support your body’s immune system

The Best Immune Supplements

Finding a supplement that can, “do it all” can often times feel daunting. That is especially true when it comes to supplements for your immune health.

Before the pandemic you may not have put much thought into your immune health other than the addition of Vitamin C around cold and flu season. Today, we are constantly flooded with information about the latest and greatest new supplement for a healthy immune system. Zinc, vitamin d, vitamin c, quercetin, echinacea, NAC, elderberry, and list goes on. New studies and research are great when it comes to keeping us healthy. However, all of this new information may be the reason you now have a medicine cabinet that is over flowing with supplements.

Less is More

Ever heard the term, “less is more.” Often times, building a strong immune system has nothing to do with taking the most supplements. What matters most is being consistent. How do you stay consistent? Keep it simple. The goal is to keep your routine simple enough that even when life gets crazy you can stick to that routine.

The OrthoMune Difference

            OrthoMune is a blend of vitamins and antioxidants built to support your body’s immune system in a way that is easy to take and backed by science. This powerful combination works to promote healthy respiratory and immune function in only 2 capsules daily.

The Ingredients:

OrthoMune’s formulation was created specifically to support your body’s healthy immune function, healthy respiratory function, and to maintain a normal inflammatory balance. Below are the 5 ingredients and how they work to support your body.

  1. Vitamin C= 600mg
    • Vitamin C is a well-known potent antioxidant that has been studied for years for its immune-supporting benefits. Through its antioxidant functions, vitamin c has been shown to protect important immune cells from damage.
    • The vitamin is considered essential to humans, and while most mammals are able to synthesize vitamin C, humans cannot. Even more, exposure to smoke, pollution, radiation, heavy metal exposure and high-stress lifestyles all can deplete your body’s vitamin c levels.
  2. Vitamin D3= 2,500 IU
    • In recent months, Vitamin D has grown in popularity. And for a good reason. Our bodies make Vitamin D from sunlight. However, due to limited exposure to the sun, many Americans are now deficient in this important Vitamin.
    • Studies have shown that low vitamin D levels have immunologic effects that cause a significant decrease in immune function, affecting respiratory health.
    • Vitamin D has been shown to boost the immune response of natural compounds that protect us against pathogens.
  3. Zinc= 25mg
    • Zinc is an essential mineral that in recent months has gained a lot of attention for a healthy immune response.
    • Individuals with low zinc levels have shown below normal immune activity that can be corrected by zinc supplementation.
    • Studies show that zinc can directly support the body during immune system challenges and can help support healthy respiratory function.
  4. N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)= 600mg
    • N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is an amino acid that boosts antioxidant function and is commonly used as an agent to help clear sinus and airway congestion caused by mucus overproduction
    • N-acetyl cysteine is one of the few antioxidants found to raise glutathione levels.
    • Maintaining adequate levels of glutathione is important for the health of the respiratory, hepatic and immune systems.
  5. Quercetin= 250mg
    • Quercetin is a powerful bioflavinoid that supports the immune system.
    • Quercetin has been shown to provide:
      • Anti-inflammatory properties
      • Anti-histamine properties
      • Anti-viral properties

Beyond Supplementation

            When it comes to supporting your immune system, supplementation is only one component to building a healthy response. Incorporate the following to also support your body all year long.

  1. Prioritize sleep. Aim for 7-9 hours each night
  2. Manage stress.
  3. Stay active.
  4. Eat a high-quality diet abundant in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Final Takeaways

            There are many supplements available on the market for protecting and strengthening the immune system. When it comes to supporting your body’s immune system with supplements, Pharmacy Solutions recommends looking for supplements that follow these guidelines:

  1. Supplements that follow the Pharmaceutical Grade Standard. (learn more about the differences between supplement grades here.)
  2. Supplements that easily fit your routine.
  3. Supplements that are backed by science.

Reach out to Pharmacy Solutions if you need help finding the best supplements for you!

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