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Nutritional supplements are typically available in three FDA grades:

Feed Grade
Supplements are produced for veterinary use.

Food Grade
Typically sold in health food stores and retail pharmacies, these supplements may not always be tested for absorption, dissolution, purity, or potency. Additionally, these supplements do not always have the same concentrations of active ingredients as pharmaceutical grade. Food Grade supplements can have up to 30% impurities, fillers, and binders, and can be bleached or radiated to kill any contaminants. Up to 88 different chemicals can be added to the product, and they do not have to be listed on the label. Food Grade supplements are often processed with high heat which is not good for oily supplements.

The highest quality grade of vitamins and supplements. The purity, dissolution, and absorption meet the highest regulatory standards verified by an outside party. Pharmaceutical Grade supplements must be 98-99% pure, meaning they cannot be full of fillers and binders. To meet Pharmaceutical Grade standards, raw ingredients must be quarantined before production. Pharmaceutical Grade supplements undergo testing at several stages throughout the process for purity and potency and are typically only sold by a licensed health care practitioner such as a doctor or Compounding Pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Grade supplement brands available at Pharmacy Solutions:

• Enzymatic Therapy ®
• Metogenics ®
• Nordic Naturals ®

• Ortho Molecular ®
• Pharmacy Solutions
• Protocol®

• Twin Lobs®
• Xymogen ®