Concentrated Strengthening Toner 100ml

Concentrated Strengthening Toner 100ml


“I formulate my toners as essential deep-delivery systems for my proprietary botanic complexes™ & SSS technology® to prepare skin for our serums & moisturizers to perform at their highest levels. “strengthening” helps beef up the skin’s ability to fight environmental aggressors, leaving skin nourished, restored & refreshed.” – know your beauty – Suki

powerful antioxidant tones & strengthens
prevents & reduces premature aging & the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
promotes long-term radiance & an overall even complexion
helps fight free-radicals & defense from the elements

essence, distillate, toner, tincture



prepare: mist over skin after cleansing to deliver actives & integrate deliver of your suki serums & moisturizers; cleanse: use organic cotton ball to gently smooth over face & decollete; infuse & refresh: mist skin throughout the day to infuse complexion with this unique hardcore blend of actives & botanicals.

Skin Type:

combo, dry, mature, sensitive

Classifications by skin benefits:

collagen-building, strengthening, brightening, moisturizing, hydrating, non-drying, prevents free radical damage, sensitive skin, hypersensitive skin, delicate skin

Classifications by skin concern:

dryness, flaking, dry skin, sensitivity, premature aging, fine lines, redness, dullness, sensitive skin, hypersensitive skin, delicate skin, peeling, irritation or inflammation


vitamin-packed100% pure Ingredeints
100% synthetic free
naturalparaben free, pthatlate free, petrochemical free, syntheitc fragrance free, synthetic-dye free, suflate free, gluten free, soy free, GMO free, preservative free, cruelty free, toxin-free, VSAs (Volatile Synthetic Actives) free, VSAs (Volatile Synthetic Actives) free, cruelty freesupports the skin’s natural functions
cinically-proven effective
dermatologist tested
vegan, natural, natural fragrance, pure, clean, organic ingredients, leaping bunny certified


Key Ingredients:

made on site from organic roses, triple-filtered & extracted for extra potency
vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich botanical base used in all our hydrous products
matches skin’s chemistry & pH
enables the integration of all our products & proper derma penetration
creates overall balance & radiant skin toneanti-oxidant polyphenol; strengthening shitake mushroom; green tea, aloe vera, kelp/seaweed, rosehip, chamomile, calendula, essential oils