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  • Doctor’s Choice Women 90 tablets

    Doctor’s Choice Women 90 tablets


    90 Tablets

    Multivitamin with essential nutrients and iron for women.



    Why are multivitamin and mineral supplements important?

    Nutrients from diet alone may be insufficient.
    Many Americans have nutritional gaps in their diets – even when they try to eat a healthy diet. Multivitamins can help fill those gaps.

    Why take Doctor’s Choice Women?

    It’s a multivitamin with targeted support for the nutritional needs of women.
    Doctor’s Choice Women contains more than 40 vitamins, minerals and herbs specifically targeted to deliver daily energy and balanced nutrition for women.

    Doctor’s Choice Women provides more nutritional power.
    Based on milligram to milligram comparisons with the leading competitor, Doctor’s Choice Women provides more support for healthy aging, digestion, blood sugar, energy, bones, and the immune system.

    Easy to swallow with OrganiGlide Technology.
    The all natural glide-coat, makes swallowing your vitamins effortless. Better health has never been easier to swallow!

    Ingredients: cellulose, modified cellulose gum, modified cellulose, stearic acid, vegetable glycerin, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, acacia gum, organic maltodextrin