Green Tea-70 High Concentration EGCG (60 Capsules)


60 Capsules | 500mg Green tea leaf extract, 350mg Epigallo-catechin-3-gallate


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EGCG is an important nutrient that supports a wide range of systems in the body. EGCG supports liver health as well as detoxification and elimination functions. Green Tea may increase the activity of antioxidants and detoxifying enzymes within the small intestine, liver and lungs. EGCG helps to support cholesterol levels within normal ranges and balances the ratios of HDL and LDL cholesterol. Research has shown that EGCG supports the activity of B-Cells to produce higher antibody response and immune activity of the T-Cells and macrophages. And numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of EGCG to prevent the proliferation and growth of virus cells. EGCG is shown to support skin health by recycling aged cells and supporting new cell growth. It offers antioxidant support against the free radicals that attack collagen (the skin’s structural protein) and decreases the activity of the enzyme that breaks down collagen to help keep skin firm and healthy. EGCG may also support metabolism due to its thermogenic effect and helps to maintain normal blood insulin levels. EGCG supports the burning of fats and helps control appetite, which helps to support weight loss and weight management.

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