Synapsin: For Brain Health

What is Synapsin?​

Synapsin® is comprised of ginsenoside Rg3, nicotinamide riboside, and inactive ingredients used to aid in absorption and distribution. Ginseng and ginsenosides have been shown to improve learning and memory as determined by behavioral analysis by a mechanism involving alteration of synaptic plasticity (strengthens synapse between neurons) and an increase in neurogenesis (generation of neurons), thereby affecting neuronal density (Kim, 2013). What this means is ginseng is thought to strengthen the synapse between brain cells and create more neurons, which are the cells that send and receive signals from your brain.

“Synapsin® has truly proven to be a Godsend for my 28-year-old son, who has suffered from autistic symptoms since age 3. From the very first day, this product has stood alone as the most effective treatment of his debilitating OCD. I was in awe after the initial dose when I witnessed his 20-minute nighttime ritual completely disappear.

As days go by, many other OCD symptoms have lessened dramatically; his attention time, ability to focus, verbal fluency, and overall cognition all continue to increase. Given my son’s age and the many years he has lived with mental impairment, for a product to make such a vast difference and in such a short period of time is unprecedented…”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Synapsin

Q#1: What is the drug?

A#1: Synapsin ® contains two main ingredients: ginsenoside RG3, nicotinamide riboside. It also has a number of other ingredients used to help increase absorption and solubility to maximize the effectiveness of the product. We compound this product with vitamin B-12 called methylcobalamin.

Q#2: How is this medication given?

A#2: Synapsin® is normally compounded into a nasal spray. The nasal spray can cross the blood-brain barrier to affect the microglial cells much more effectively than other dosage forms such as oral therapy. It is important for the medication to reach those cells to help with inflammation directly.

Q#3: How can I get this medication?

A#3: This medication requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner. The pharmacists at Pharmacy Solutions are happy to discuss Synapsin® with your practitioner and give medical literature detailing its use.

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