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  • Signs Your Body Needs More Magnesium

    Signs Your Body Needs More Magnesium

    Magnesium is an extraordinary mineral that is involved in hundreds of chemical reactions throughout the body and in general is important to overall well-being. Despite being such an important mineral in the body, did you know that 70% of American adults do not consume enough of the recommended daily dose of magnesium? How do you know you’re deficient in magnesium? Well you could take a blood test from your doctor which can give you accurate numbers, but our body will show signs that it is not receiving enough of this mineral. If you’re having cramps, muscle pain or muscle spasms, this could be a sign along with bone brittle since magnesium and calcium work together. Magnesium helps with muscle relaxation so taking a magnesium would help with the muscle aches or spasms. Magnesium is also important when it comes to brain health so if you are experiencing fatigue, anxiety, migraines, or even mood swings you may try taking a magnesium supplement to support a healthy brain function. Another sign of magnesium deficiency is digestive issues. If you have malabsorption or digestive issues, this could reduce magnesium absorption so taking an absorbable magnesium supplement could help with that issue. If you are also taking medications such as Acid blockers, blood pressure drugs and corticosteroids. Most people high blood lack so much magnesium because of the drugs they take. By taking a magnesium you can help lower your blood pressure. If you suffer from any of these signs or taking a prescription medication they may be depleting you of magnesium, you may benefit from taking the right magnesium supplement