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Eating healthy tends to only be a topic people talk about when they are wanting to lose weight. While this may be an added benefit, there are numerous other benefits of eating healthy. Choosing a plate with a variety of nutritious fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean meats may reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes and some cancers.

Everyday people come into Pharmacy Solutions looking for the next big supplement designed to help with weight loss. Patients want some kind of magical pill that promises to shed weight fast and deliver results without having to eat a healthy meal or visit the gym. In theory, this sounds easy and convenient; however, we all know this is not the case and healthy eating paired with an exercise routine is a great way to begin your weight loss journey.

Here at Pharmacy Solutions, we always encourage our patients to live a healthier lifestyle but sometimes patients need an extra boost to help them get over a plateau. This is where UltraFlora Control comes in. UltraFlora Control contains a strain of bacteria called Bifidobacterium lactis 420. This particular probiotic strain has been shown in a human clinical study to positively influence body weight and body fat regulation and may be particularly beneficial for long-term body weight and fat maintenance. The gut microbiome is a key factor involved in the complex regulation of body weight and fat maintenance.

Increasing evidence now shows that a person’s intestinal microbiome is highly correlated to how much they weigh as well as their fat mass. Obesity, along with other adverse health conditions, is now shown to also have a high connection with the microbiome imbalance known as dysbiosis. Studies now show that there is a significant difference in the gut microbiome of overweight and obese individuals compared with microbiomes of lean individuals. Growing studies are beginning to show the importance of using probiotics to help with weight management.

If you believe that you could benefit from making your gut microbiome a healthier environment, check out UltraFlora Control or stop by our pharmacy to find the best probiotic for you and your lifestyle. Pharmacy Solutions wants to make your health a top priority!

Introducing P.S. Transform's Daily Dose Packs

Get started with a customized pharmaceutical grade supplement package that is perfect for you! Each daily dose pack contains the supplements needed for you to support your weight loss journey and feel great! A daily dose pack offers a 30-day supply of exactly what you need to compliment and support your medical weight loss plan in easy to use, daily tear off packets. ORDER NOW!

Transform Medical Weight Loss (Transform), created by Pharmacy Solutions, offers a safe and effective weight loss solution for patients. Transform uses science and clinical data combined with comprehensive patient analysis to create a customized dosing protocol unique to each person.

Transform is dedicated to helping providers and patients. Transform providers are thoroughly and intentionally trained to treat individuals using specific, customized protocols to help the patient achieve their desired weight goals. All elements of what could help or impede a person’s ability to achieve their established goals is taken into consideration. The recommended and customized protocol will include information from the history of a person’s weight loss journey, genetic disposition, previous and potential weight loss medications, social and environmental factors, and your commitment to adhere to recommended lifestyle changes.

A patient’s dedication to the customized Transform program is the best way to reach the outlined goals.

Transform is not a diet and does not recommend surgery. Your commitment plus Your provider’s recommendations will result in Your personal TRANSFORMATION!


  1. Call Pharmacy Solutions at 817-274-0050 or use our Provider Locator to find a provider.
  2. Complete Patient Assessment
  3. Follow through Your Transform Customized Program
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