You don’t deliver one-size-fits-all medical care, so why trust life improving medications to a pharmacy that doesn’t personalize them to your patients’ needs?

Pharmacy Solutions is your partner in patient care. It is our role and responsibility to carry out your compounded medication prescriptions not only accurately, but also tailored to your patients’ health and personal preferences.

Solutions for Your Practice

Our compounded drug catalogs are organized by specialty and includes our most requested medications. While you’ll find a variety of formulas, dosage forms and strengths for a variety of practice specialties, it is not inclusive of everything we do. If there is a customized compounded, specific medication or formula you are looking for, please contact our pharmacist at 817-274-0050 or email info@rxcompound.com.

Pharmacy Solutions is a leading compounding pharmacy with a team who is as committed to compassionate care and positive outcomes as you are. Let our pharmacists customize your patients’ prescriptions with high-quality compounded pharmaceutical products and over the counter pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Together, We Can Redefine Pharmaceuticals… with Heart
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Together, we can redefine how patients think about their health, using compounded medications tailored to them. From preferred administration modes and flavorings to recreating discontinued medications and formulas without contraindication, we pioneer pharmaceuticals for the good of people.

  • Founded in 1990
  • One of the 170 of 7,000 compounding pharmacies that are PCAB certified in both sterile and non-sterile compounding
  • USP 800 compliant
  • More than 125 years of collective compounding expertise
  • Ingredients sourced only from FDA-approved facilities


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