Back to School Vitamins for Children

Back to School Essentials

As summer vacation comes to an end and children get ready to go back to school, use these supplements to help your child easily transition into a new school year.

What Kids Need to Succeed

Pharmacy Solutions understands the desire parents have to help their children succeed in school. A new school year can pose many different challenges for students. Between new subjects, new schedules, sports, and more, it is understandable why you as parent want to support your children in the best ways possible.

Pharmacy Solutions has chosen two back-to-school supplements designed to support your children with:
  1. Healthy Child Development
  2. Focus and Concentration
  3. Essential Vitamin and Mineral Support
  4. Healthy Energy Production
  5. Immune Support

SuperNutes Multivitamin

Providing your children with essential vitamins and nutrients through food alone can often times be difficult. Especially if you have picky eater. When children go to school they are left to make their own food decisions and may not understand which foods offer the most nutritional support for their growing body’s. In fact, more than 80% of Americans consume less than the recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins and minerals. Providing a wide variety of micronutrients for a child’s growing body is important to their overall health.

SuperNutes is a complete multivitamin offered in a great-tasting, chewable tablet that supplies children with the essential vitamins and minerals they need to succeed. Beyond the essentials, SuperNutes Multivitamin was formulated with the highest quality ingredients to insure optimal absorption for your child. 


Kids going back to school can be a relief for many parents who work 9-5 jobs. However, when back in the classroom, kids are often exposed to sicknesses that may lead to absences and unplanned doctor visits. In most cases, the immune system does a fantastic job to protect our children from getting sick. However, when viruses and infections are introduced in close-contact classrooms, kids may require further immune support. Protecting your children and building their immune systems can be effective when trying to avoid potential coughs and sniffles brought on by new school year.

Imu-Max is a formula designed specifically to support a healthy immune response in children. This easy to take liquid formula, has research to show its ability to defend a child’s immune response to their constant exposure of other sick classmates. A study was done to show the efficacy of Imu-Max for children during a 12-week winter season and found promising results. The children who took Imu-Max experienced fewer respiratory challenges as well as a decrease in duration of sickness. Furthermore, the study showed, children taking Imu-Max had fewer days absent and more days present and learning in the classroom.

Final Takeaway

Pharmacy Solutions wants to provide you as a parent with the best quality supplements for your children. SuperNutes and Imu-Max are Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements designed with parents in mind. Both products provide children with the essentials they need to succeed in the classroom as well as the support to keep them healthy all year long.

Contact Pharmacy Solutions for more information on how you can support your children.

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