Creating Healthy Habits That Will Last

The Ultimate Monday

Welcome to 2021!! A new year, for many people, is a turning page. It is the ultimate Monday! Are you one of those that always have to start fresh on a Monday if you want to accomplish a goal. May you want to eat better, start an exercise routine, begin a new habit. While starting fresh on a Monday can feel like a new beginning, it is also important to remember if you keep waiting for the next Monday, or the next month, or maybe the next year, your missing so many important opportunities in between to make things happen.

Ending 2020

My goal is to give you a fresh perspective on resolutions this year and what you can do to achieve them. 2020 was a trying year for many of us. We have experienced so many changes that I never in a million years would have believed I would go through. People are ready for a new year and I believe the resolutions and goals during the year of 2021 will be outstanding.

What the Stats Say

Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. Because like I mentioned before just because it is a Monday, new month, or a new year does not magically mean that you will complete these goals.

Focus On Your Habits – Daily!!!

Instead of just making a resolution let us think about the daily habits you need to start incorporating to achieve these goals. It is great to aim high but to reach that high, you have to put in the work. Not just when you feel like it. THE WORK NEEDS TO BE DAILY!!!! It is so easy to underestimate the value of making small improvements daily.

Track Your Improvements!

One of the easiest ways to hold yourself accountable towards your goals is to track your habits daily. You can do this through a habit tracker. I, myself, enjoy doing it the old school way with pen and paper. However, I did download a few habit tracker apps to try out and review for you all!

  1. Paper or Excel Spreadsheet
    1. As I said, I like the old school tracking by use of pen and paper. Start small and list out a few habits you want to achieve. Examples are exercise, 10k steps, 10oz of water, read 1 chapter of a book, etc.
    2. Write these down on a piece of paper with dates of the month.
    3. Place the paper in a place you will see every day and each time you complete a habit, check it off!
    4. By the end of the month, you can go back and see what areas you need to work on.
  2. StikK
    1. This app was created by a behavioral economist at Yale University!
    2. What I love most about this app is that it makes you create a commitment contract with yourself. You can also bet money on yourself if you want to.
    3. With this app you can keep up with your goals and easily track your progress.
    4. The layout is easy to follow and sends you daily notifications.
  3. Simple Habit Tracker
    1. This habit tracker is exactly what the name says.
    2. I enjoyed this habit tracker because it goes ahead and gives you over 200 habit ideas to start with that you can choose from.
    3. The interface is simple and easy to follow as well.

Whatever goals you have this year, I encourage you to dig a little deeper and think about the habits you need to accomplish daily to achieve those goals. Not sure exactly where to start? I’d be happy to go through a complimentary consultation with at your convenience.

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