Compounded Medications Benefit Both PrOVIDERs and Their Patients

What is Compounding

Every patient is unique, ranging from DNA, lifestyle and food sensitivities to personal healthcare preferences. Yet, the pharmaceutical companies manufacture the majority of drugs without taking in mind any patient differences beyond dosage. 

Compounded medications are the better alternative to big pharma’s one-size-fits-all approach. Compounded medications give prescribers the freedom to tailor medications to their patients’ individual needs, as well as preferences, resulting in improved experiences and outcomes.

Pharmacy Solutions Works with Providers and Their Patients for Personalized Medications


Count on Pharmacy Solutions’ compounding pharmacists to create the medications to treat patients for a wide variety of reasons. Both prescribers and their patients benefit from our team’s more than 125 years of collective compounding expertise, our PCAB accreditation, and our ingredients sourced only from FDA-approved facilities.

Compounded Medications Help Overcome Serious Challenges for Prescribers and Patients, Alike

The pharmaceutical company discontinues a medication. This happens for various reasons, from the medication requiring hard-to-find ingredients to too few prescriptions, which makes it unprofitable. Regardless, there are still patients who require (or prefer) a specific discontinued medication. Pharmacy Solutions can step in for big pharma companies and re-create the medication in a compounded version. Even if a prescriber has just one patient on a discontinued medication, our compounding pharmacists have it covered.

A medication is manufactured with an ingredient that causes an allergic or adverse reaction in a patient. It’s common for mass-manufactured medications to include adverse reaction or allergy-inducing ingredients, such as dairy, preservatives, dyes, gluten, or sugar. Rather than substitute with a different medication, prescribers can request Pharmacy Solutions compound the exact medication without the problematic ingredient. The patient receives all the benefits of the right medication without the risk of adverse or allergic reaction.

Easy-to-use compounded formulas increase patient compliance. One of the biggest challenges that prescribers face is patients not taking their medication. Patients report not taking or finishing medications for several reasons, including hard-to-swallow, large pills and horrible taste. Compounded formulas have options, depending on the medication:

  • Cream for topical use, sidestepping large pills or taste
  • Liquid, avoiding large pills
  • Flavored, being pleasant to swallow

These alternatives are attractive for patients who may refuse to take medications, especially children, older adults, your and pets.

Your choice of compounding pharmacy matters. Learn more about Pharmacy Solutions.

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