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  • Start the New Year with a Detox or Body Cleanse?

    Start the New Year with a Detox or Body Cleanse?

     It’s the start of the New Year, which means a new you. You’ve changed your eating habits, or even started going to the gym. You might have even considered doing a detox or a body cleanse. So what happens to your body when you undergo a detox? You try to aid in eliminating toxins. Everyday our body gets exposed with vigorous amounts of toxins from the environment, processed foods and pesticides. This is a way to help cleanse your body from these harmful elements. Your liver does a great job at helping eliminate toxins while giving your body the proper nutrients it needs. The liver helps clean the blood that is filled with toxins from food. It breaks it down and filters it appropriately throughout the body. While eating processed foods can contain a good deal of harmful toxins or even pesticides, detox will not only help get rid of toxins but may jump start your way of eating cleaner. Hence why the rise of organic food vs. non-organic food. Organic food is all natural, pesticide free and GMO-free. Now it may be harder to switch to eating organically but the benefits are well worth the try. Some people have reported of feeling more energized after completing a detox. You will start to notice that your skin is looking clearer or that your digestive system is working better than before. Remember to always drink plenty of water when beginning a detox program. Also try eating healthier foods such as cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage and broccoli. Reducing your intake of toxins from foods such as chips, sodas and artificial sweeteners. Exercising regularly can help also reduce toxic build ups due to stress. You will slowly begin to see a difference in the way you act, feel and look. In addition to adding these small steps to your daily habits will help balance your equilibrium. When looking for a detox; consider taking fiber, a probiotic and the cleanser itself. There are have been some reports of harsh stimulants that will upset the stomach or even cause bloating and mild cramping. Before you consider doing a detox, make sure to check with your doctor as some cleanses can be harmful if not done right. Remember that a detox is not to be done for long periods of time or act as a weight loss program. There are many detox programs out there so be mindful in choosing one that fits your needs and goals. Ask your doctor or pharmacist in helping you find the right product for you.