About BLT Cream

BLT cream is a topical medicine most commonly used in dermatology; the cream is made up of lidocaine, benzocaine, and tetracaine. As medications and anesthetic creams evolve, dermatologists are looking more toward topical anesthetics rather than the more old-fashioned needle injection method. BLT cream is a triple-dose numbing cream that is offered in various strengths of each ingredient. Physicians are advised to apply BLT cream 10-30 minutes prior to a procedure.

Why BLT Cream?

Topical compounded creams used as anesthetics before procedures are heavily preferred by both patients and physicians dues to their low risk and greater comfort levels for patients. However, it is crucial to work with both your physician and compounding pharmacist to tailor the best BLT cream for you in terms of comfort and effectiveness.

Topical anesthetics such as BLT creams have been seen to mitigate pain, irritation, and discomfort that may come along with many cosmetic procedures. Some examples of procedures BLT cream has been shown to help with are laser hair removal, filler injections, and light-based skin resurfacing.

Due to the three-pronged approach in anesthetic creams, their combined ingredients provide patients with effective and efficient anesthesia; BLT cream has been dubbed the best topical numbing cream to use prior to cosmetic procedures.

BLT Ingredients

Benzocaine is one of the most commonly seen anesthetics in medicine and dermatology today. Benzocaine’s effectiveness comes from blocking sodium channels that run on neuron membranes, otherwise known as temporarily deadening patient nerve endings. Benzocaine is an instantaneous solution, and it has been shown to be low-risk and well-tolerated; thus making it a primarily preferred option.

Lidocaine is a second, very common topical anesthetic that has been used dating all the way back to the 1940s. Similar to benzocaine, lidocaine is used to block sodium channels which can prevent neurons from being able to signal pain to the brain. Lidocaine is not as rapid as Benzocaine, but results are seen roughly 4 minutes after application.

Tetracaines is a third type of topical anesthetic that helps to create a numbing effect when applied to one’s skin. Tetracaine alters the body’s ryanodine receptors; and is a longer-lasting anesthetic cream.

BLT (benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine) numbing cream is a triple-acting compound anesthetic that is primarily used by physicians and dermatologists for minorly invasive procedures.

Pharmacy Solutions pairs with compounding pharmacists to customize the strength and dosage formulas of BLT creams for every patient.

Pharmacy Solutions has been serving patients and providers in Arlington Texas for over 32 years and ships to 46 states.


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