What is Wound Care?
Safe and effective wound care is not the same for everyone; healing is customized per the individual depending on the wound that needs to be tended to. There are many factors that go into finding the best wound care for you; some may include location, severity, and type of wound. Many more minor infections, such as rashes, can be treated with over-the-counter medicines and creams; however, more viral infections, such as surgical wounds, burns, or ulcers, may need compounding treatment to resolve fully. Compounding pharmacies play a huge part in providing wound care for patients who may need a medication more robust than an over-the-counter ointment. Compounding pharmacies create tailored medicines for every individual with every wound care need. Having personalized solutions make for a far more effective and efficient recovery and mitigation against potential infection. Pharmacy Solutions is an experienced compounding pharmacy with pharmacists who work relentlessly to help customize wound care treatment for every wound possible, no matter the severity. Pharmacy Solutions has been serving patients and providers in Arlington Texas for over 32 years and ships to over 46 states.

 Why Compounding Pharmacies?
Wound care treatment is essential in preserving the quality of life for any wound care patient. Without the proper treatment or care, many wounds can become infected and call for limb amputation. Over-the-counter wound care medications can be found in most drug stores; however, for more severe wounds, a compounding pharmacy may be the only place to get effective treatment. Compounding pharmacies can create customized formulas of medications tailored to each individual patient. Thus they play a crucial role in keeping patients happy and healthy. Individuals suffering from ulcers or bed sores may benefit the most from treatment that focuses on healing, whereas burn patients may need pain relief to be the primary focus of their medication. Compounding pharmacies such as Pharmacy Solutions can help to treat all kinds of patients with all sorts of wounds. Whether a medication is for you or a loved one, come in and see us here at Pharmacy Solutions to get the most efficient and effective wound care for you!

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What is a Wound?
Wounds are classified into two main categories and are, by definition, known as a tear or break in the bodily tissue that can disrupt function and structure. The two main categories of wounds are acute wounds and chronic wounds. 


  • Fast healing
  • Can last up to 21 days, but don’t typically exceed that
  • Caused by surgery or trauma


  • Last at least two full weeks
  • Slower healing
  • Can be affected by underlying conditions (nerve damage, pressure, infection, irritation, poor circulation)

Severe wound types may include, but are not limited to:

  • Burns 
  • Surgical wounds
  • Bed sores
  • Ulcers (diabetic, arterial, venous stasis)

Compounded Treatment Options
Various treatment options and medications are available, as a one size fits all approach is not plausible when it comes to wound care; some healing medicines may include:

Wound Care Cream: This is a topical cream that is applied in order to aid the body in the healing process of a wound. It also helps to mitigate potential complications and infections.

Topical Antibiotics: Much like a wound care cream, topical antibiotics are used to treat and heal bodily wounds by being applied to the top layer of the skin. They help prevent further infections and keep the damage moist after application.

Topical Bandages: Are often placed over a hard-to-heal wound such as an oral cavity infection.

Growth Stimulating Gels: These are less for the healing process and are used primarily to enable healthy re-growth of damaged tissue.

W06 Gel
W06 Gel plays an essential part in Pharmacy Solutions’ effective compound wound care treatments. The PCCA-developed base is the starting point for almost all of our topical treatments and medications. The base is designed to be helpful in various different treatments such as wound care, anti-infection, and dermatology. W06 gel is used to create a protective barrier on the top layer of the skin that can then block out any harmful toxins or microorganisms. Along with providing protection, W06 gel encourages instantaneous healing as it keeps wounds moist, which enhances the healing speed of most wounds. The main component that differentiates W06 gel from competing brands is its water durability. The compound is water washable and creates a much easier wound-cleaning environment for all kinds of patients.

Our pharmacists here at Pharmacy Solutions’ are driven to create personalized wound care treatment options for every individual dealing with every type of wound. We promote safe, efficient, and effective wound care treatment for all patients that come through our doors!


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