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  • Goli Gummies, a Good Tasting Alternative for Apple Cider Vinegar!

    By now, I’m sure you have either read an article or heard from a friend about all the amazing health benefits Apple Cider Vinegar may offer. Benefits ranging from healthy digestion, to healthy blood flow, to appetite control and much more. However, those of you that have taken a shot of apple cider vinegar know how hard ACV can be to stomach down. That is why when Goli Nutrition created the world’s first apple cider vinegar gummies, the number one question on everyone’s mind was, “How do they taste?”. The blend that Goli has created gives you all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without the unpleasant taste. Goli Gummies are made with the Mother, infused with super foods like pomegranate and beetroot, safe for your teeth enamel, enriched with vitamin B12 and B9 and best of all taste great! With the delicious taste you are probably curious about the sugar content. Think again. Goli created these apple cider vinegar gummies to contain only 1 gram of sugar per gummy and are also free of yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial colors, artificial flavors, agave, artificial preservatives and salicylates. Even with their quality product, Goli doesn’t stop there. Goli is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels, who continually strive to reduce malnutrition in children by giving them access to lifesaving vitamins and minerals.

    Every purchase made provides a 1-for-1 Vitamin grant through their partnership with Vitamin Angels to provide a child in need with a 6-month supply of vitamins.

    Results with Goli Gummies are already being reported by our patients daily who are experiencing positive results such as less bloating, regulated blood sugar levels, clearer skin, boosted immune system, consistent energy throughout the day, relief from acid reflux and heartburn, better satiety with meals, and less snacking throughout the day. Stop by, give us a call, or order online from Pharmacy Solutions to start your healthy journey with Goli Gummies.