How to Stay Stress-Free During the Holidays this Year

How to Stay Stress-Free During the Holidays this Year

Every year the holidays can be challenging. From buying gifts, traveling, balancing time with family, and more, Pharmacy Solutions understands. However, due to the pandemic, we have experienced this year, the holidays seem to be posing newfound stress that we may have never encountered before.

A Different Kind of Holiday

All the outside factors causing stress are valid, but you deserve a way to safely avoid the stress this holiday season. Taking healthy supplements daily can greatly reduce stress and lead to a more peaceful day-to-day life all around!

Supplements to Help with Stress this Holiday

We know that taking supplements is an important factor when it comes to feeling your best. Here are Pharmacy Solutions’ top 3 supplements to help with stress this holiday season.

  1. NuAdapt is a stress-relieving supplement that supports stress response, improves cognition, and promotes cortisol balance when it is needed most- during the initial alarm phase. The combination of L- theanine, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Minyerri, and Ashwagandha creates a safe stress-reducing supplement!
  2. Hemp oil is another great way to maintain stress-free! We carry Metagenics hemp oil which is an organic extract that has been obtained from aerial plant parts including stalks, stems, seeds, and the flower consisting of both terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids may aid in supporting a healthy stress response.
  3. L-theanine has also been shown to assist in relieving stress. This is an amino acid that promotes relaxation and supports stress. This is not a drowsy medication either, it fosters a restful and relaxed state while keeping you alert for daytime use!

Stress Relievers Beyond Supplements

Supplements are great for addressing stress levels; however, Pharmacy Solutions also recommends these habits to address your stress.

  1. Exercise is an essential activity when it comes to fighting stress.
    1. To get the most benefits from exercise, it is important to do so, on a regular basis.
    2. Studies show that people who exercise regularly are less likely to experience high-stress levels than those who do not exercise often.
    3. This is because stress hormones like cortisol are released along with endorphins, improving your mood.
    4. Exercise does not have to be extreme either, find something you like! For example, walking, rock climbing, or yoga.
  2. Decrease Caffeine Intake
    1. Caffeine is something our body has a love-hate relationship with.
    2. Caffeine is commonly sourced from coffee, tea, and energy drinks.
    3. It is proven that high quantities of caffeine increase anxiety.
    4. While you love to feel awake and alert, too much can leave you feeling anxious and shaky. Everyone is different and so are caffeine thresholds, if you feel jittery, it may be better to cut back on your intake.

Eat to Decrease Stress Levels

Did you know that what you eat can affect your stress?

Why not eat something that helps combat stress!

Avocados are a great option when adding things to your meals. Avocados are full of B vitamins that target stress and the fats in avocados are heart-healthy as well. You can make and add avocados to many meals to help incorporate this into your diet.

Guacamole, avocado toast, and even avocado smoothies can help enhance your mood!

Ask Pharmacy Solutions for Help!

Still unsure about how to address your stress levels this season. Pharmacy Solutions is here to help you navigate all the pieces of your life. Reach out and talk to a pharmacist today on ways to make the most of your holiday no matter how different they may look this year.

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