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  • Nutritional Counseling vs. Diet

    Nutritional Counseling vs. Diet

    Many people today have health goals they are trying to achieve in some form or fashion. Some individuals may be looking to shed a few pounds and others may be trying to gain a few pounds. However, health goes way beyond just numbers on a scale. More health goals may include people wanting to lower their cholesterol, bring down their blood pressure, run a half marathon, or even live a healthier life by learning how to reduce stress. These health goals are great and attainable when someone puts in the hard work and dedication to get there. Once a person decides the goal they want to achieve, they start out extremely motivated; however, life happens and many times we fall off track due to perhaps a new stressful project at work, kids start back to school, flu season hits, simple loss of motivation, and more. The list could go on and on. If you find yourself constantly jumping on board for your health goals to only jump off just as fast, you definitely can benefit in many ways from seeking help from a nutritional counselor.


    The first benefit to nutritional counseling is the guided motivation. People often know what health goal they are setting out to achieve but do not understand what it takes to accomplish that goal. This is exactly where a nutritional counselor can be of great service. Instead of getting caught in a rabbit hole of information on the internet, why not just have someone explain it for you in easy to understand terms? Nutritional counseling also allows people to cut out a lot of the dirty work that takes up the most time and often discourages people from continuing on the path they set out for in the first place. These often include things like designing meal plans to follow, deciding which supplements you should take, creating an exercise agenda and more. Having someone do all of that for you, leaves you with the time to keep doing the things that your life requires of you while you also begin to incorporate new habits to help you achieve your health goals.


    Next, nutritional counseling can be of great service to patients when it comes to accurate information pertaining to your health goal. The internet can be a scary place when it comes to seeking information about your health. Have you ever given up on researching your health goal because everything you read only contradicts the article you read right before? The beauty of seeking a nutritional counselor helps to eliminate much of that. Because they have been through the schooling and understand the ins and outs of nutrition, you will no longer have to go back and forth on trying to decide what is true or false. What a nutritional counselor will often recommend for you has come from researched information and not just what they think you want to hear so you will buy their latest product. Nutritional counselors are in it for the patients and want to see them succeed. Helping their patients accomplish their health goals only comes from giving the correct information.


    Lastly, nutritional counselors are also there for the continued support. Maybe you know the information to help you succeed and have all the time in the world to schedule meal plans for each member of your family; however, you often fall off the health train after the first week. Nutritional Counselors are there to constantly push you and remind you why you started down the path of health in the first place. Support can often be one of the biggest reasons why people lose sight of why they started. So, next time you find yourself looking to obtain a specific health goal, reach out to a nutritional counselor for guidance. Pharmacy Solutions offers free nutritional counseling to their patients and would love to help you succeed!