Taking Control Over Your Stress After The Holiday Season

Preparing for the holidays can be stressful, especially this year. Many of us associate holidays with large family gatherings, gifts, and travels. Trying to meet these expectations we put on ourselves can be hard and extremely stressful during this time. And trying to make an award-worthy meal for the family and friends along with perfectly wrapped gifts is just the icing on the stress cake! The moment things start to become hectic, we begin to look forward to wrapping up the holidays. There are many ways to bounce back and destress when the holidays come to a close and that is what we are going to review today!

A Natural Stress Reliever

One important fact that many people don’t know about combating stress is that Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Taking the right quantity and quality fish oil is important for your stress and overall health. These fatty acids are an essential supplement that aid in many other things like heart, brain, eye and even bone and joint health. A study at Ohio State University showed just this. The medical students were separated in 6 groups, some taking omega-3 while others received the placebo. Over time, the study revealed that those who received the omega-3 supplements had a 20% reduction in their stress levels compared to those receiving the placebo. Stop by Pharmacy Solutions to get your quality fish oil!

Release those Feel Good Neurotransmitters

We hear this often and we still do not take action, but exercise is another essential stress reducer. Many people think this will fatigue their bodies more than the actual stress. That is not the case. Your body releases endorphins when you are exercising, making you feel good and less stressed. Exercising during and after the holidays is especially important because a lot of your activities with family and friends will have been more of a sedentary lifestyle. This is also a good goal to set with ringing in the new year. Your exercises do not need to be extreme or elaborate by any means. Light walking and jogging is a good start to begin a healthier and stress-free life.

Learn Something New

Many adults get in their life routines and don’t make time to learn something new. We make excuses like being too tired after work and just wanting to relax after a stressful day. We do not think that exercising our brain more will ever help our stress. It turns out that the complete opposite is true! Learning something new is also something you can engage in to destress. Just like exercising, it does not need to be extreme. Taking a cooking class, painting, or even picking up on a new language here and there can occupy your downtime and keep you from dwelling on stressful things.

Not managing stress can have long term effects on your health and that is why it is important to destress, especially after increasingly stressful environments. Depression, heart disease, and blood pressure are a few things that can be later impacted by the overwhelming pressure of your daily life. Following these few tips can help you bounce back from holidays and accompany you to an all-around better lifestyle from day-to-day.

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