Vitamins That Help With Acne

Everyone struggles with acne whether it’s the occasional blemish or if you suffer from severe acne. Most people resort to a facial cleanser or medication but did you know vitamins could help with acne? Vitamin A is a popular remedy for acne; however, it is recommended that it is used topically as most medication such as benzoyl peroxide. You can take Vitamin A orally but it can become toxic in high doses. When we get red acne, it is because bacteria get clogged into our pores and causes an irritation that makes our pimple red. Zinc is a great mineral because it helps with cell division and skin regrowth which is necessary to have clear skin, so it is important for people who suffer from chronic acne to add zinc into their diet. Calcium and magnesium are also important minerals in the body as not only does it provide bone support and the prevention of osteoporosis but it also keeps our hormones balanced which is especially important for those people who are looking to prevent further breakouts. Taking magnesium and calcium helps with the production of antioxidants which can reduce inflammation and be helpful in fighting acne. If you are not already taking a probiotic, it is recommended that you should as probiotics create healthy bacteria that better absorbs our nutrients. Balancing your gut can in return, reduce inflammation. With a healthy diet and a daily multi-vitamin, you are one step ahead in reducing and preventing acne.

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