What Is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth?

SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, is gaining a lot of attention right now. SIBO often happens because of lack of movement of the small intestine. Maybe you have read about SIBO in the past, or perhaps this is the first time you have ever seen the word. Whatever knowledge you have about SIBO, lets dive into some facts about what SIBO actually is.
SIBO is a rising area of focus in functional medicine because as microorganism levels in the small intestine increase, so does microbial activity, such as fermentation. When fermentation increases in the small intestine, even healthy diets can cause gas, bloating, and intolerance to certain foods and probiotics. Many gastrointestinal complaints have been attributed to sensitivity, but the culprit may be an imbalance in the small intestinal ecosystem due to overuse of antibiotics and a reduction in key GI-supporting factors like short-chain fatty acids, proper pH, polyphenols and fiber from the diet, and healthy intestinal motility.


SIBO symptoms mainly affect the gut and they may include:

  • pain in the stomach, especially after eating
  • bloating
  • cramps
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • indigestion
  • regular feeling of fullness
  • gas

You may also experience weight loss.


SIBO causes are not fully understood as of now but some causes may include:

  • your small bowel has anatomic abnormalities
  • the pH changes in your small bowel
  • your immune system isn’t working properly
  • the muscular activity of the small intestine malfunctions, which means that food and bacteria aren’t removed from the organ

What You Can Do If You Are Concerned About SIBO

The first step you want to take when understanding if you have SIBO or not is to talk to your provider. Going over your concerns and the symptoms you are experiencing will be important in finding out whether your gut issues are due to SIBO or perhaps another underlying cause.

The next step to feeling better is taking a look at your diet. By now we understand the importance of a balanced diet as well as staying away from foods that we may have sensitivities or intolerances to. Many times these foods such as gluten, dairy, eggs, etc. If you are constantly fueling your body with high sugary foods, it is time to take a look at healthier options you can add in place of the high sugary foods that may be causing your GI issues.

Lastly, look into an easy to order Spore Probiotic. Spore probiotics are a great targeted intervention for gas, bloating and food/probiotic intolerance.

Call the Pharmacy

If you are still unsure where to start, talk to us at pharmacy solutions. We have pharmacists on staff to answer your questions and work closely with you and your doctor towards your healing process.

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