What Supplements You Should Take For Long, Fuller, Healthier Hair

It’s almost everyday that someone walks into a store asking about hair products that can help improve the growth of hair into longer, fuller and healthier strands. Sure you can try all of those hair products that stimulate hair growth follicles but are you taking the right supplements and eating the correct foods as well?

Part of eating healthy is eating the right foods such as fruits and vegetables that are also low in starch. This will help slow down the process of hair loss. Fruits and vegetables are rich with antioxidants that can provide protection for hair follicles.  Eat plenty of food that is also high in biotin which will also help hair growth. Biotin helps repair hair damage that’s caused by overexposure from the sun, as well as heat appliances from blow drying and/or flat ironing. Biotin can be taken in high doses that range anywhere from 2,000-5,000 mcg and works best if found in a B-Complex. Just a few examples of foods that contain biotin are brown rice, lentils, oats, avocados and walnuts.

In addition to biotin, incorporating some fatty acids to your diet such as fish or omega 3’s will help improve hair texture and prevent dryness as well as damage to hair. Fatty acids will also help to reduce inflammation that can lead to hair loss.  Foods that are great in omega 3’s are salmon, tuna, white fish, walnuts.

Another hair power vitamin is all powerful, Vitamin C. Vitamin C is another great vitamin to take as oxidative stress plays an important role in aging. Free radicals can trigger structural damage in DNA as well as protein.  Foods that contain vitamin c are brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, oranges and tomatoes.

Zinc stimulates hair growth by enhancing the immune function. Common food that contain zinc are milk, cheese, broccoli, chicken, beef and lamb. Iron deficency will cause your body to stop producing hemoglobin which is needed to provide blood supply to your hairs cell which can stimulate hair growth. Taking too much iron can cause upset stomach and nausea. So please take in moderation or look for a slow release iron supplement. Foods that are rich in iron are meat, fish, chiche, spinach, parsley, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus.

Another product we recommend, that is not as well known, is Xymogen’s Regenemax Liquid, Collagen. This liquid collagen is used for beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as healthy bones and joints.  Collagen makes up 30% bone , 75% of skin and up to 90% of tendons and ligaments. Starting at age 21, collagen starts to diminish. The signs of reduced collagen become extremely visible in hair, skin and nails. By taking the liquid form of collagen, you are to be sure that you are getting optimal absorption for your body.

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