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  • Why You Should Take Fish Oil

    Why You Should Take Fish Oil

    Many people have probably been told by either their doctor or someone offering medical advice to them to take a fish oil supplement. Supplementing with fish oil can be beneficial for many different aspects of your health. When it comes to fish oil there is important information to understand before you just go and buy any kind of fish oil off the shelf. So, first, let’s dive into exactly what fish oil is.


    When looking for a fish oil supplement to take, doing your research is extremely important. Many people believe that all fish oils are created equally and that could not be further from the truth. Simply taking fish oil is not the beneficial component, it’s the essential fatty acids(EFAs) they offer. EFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are necessary for good health. They cannot be produced by the body; therefore, they must be consumed in food or supplements. The most important EFA we will discuss is one known as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s must be consumed through diet or supplementation. When looking for fish oil to supplement with, it is very important to make sure you are looking at not only how much omega-3s are in the capsules but also for how much EPA and DHA they contain. Many companies will simply list asterisks beside the EPA and DHA number. This to me indicates that they do not know the amount contained in the soft gel.


    Supplementing with fish oil is beneficial to a persons health in many ways. Omega-3 fatty acids have long been known to benefit cardiovascular health. Just 1g a day of omega-3s have had significant impacts on cardiovascular health after three to four months of consumption. EPA and DHA have been shown to modulate levels of fat in the blood and studies have also shown that EPA and DHA support better blood sugar balance in populations consuming large amounts of omega-3s. Research presents that omega-3 blood levels were shown to be directly related to improved measures of cognition, performance and behavior among healthy children with below-average reading ability. Also, a dose of 1,200mg per day of omega-3 fatty acids were found to improve back and joint discomfort. Fish oil has also been shown to improve tender joints and morning stiffness after three months of consumption. Another study evaluating the long-term effects of EPA and DHA on visual development to children exposed to high levels of omega-3s during gestation found benefits on visual acuity. Taking omega-3s compared with not taking them was found to enhance visual clarity and reduce commonly occurring visual deterioration in adults.


    Beyond just the importance of taking a fish oil. It is also extremely important to look at the quality of your fish oil in regards to where it was sourced from and how it was produced. When buying fish oil, the most important thing to remember is making sure it is Pharmaceutical Grade. These are the highest quality grade of vitamins and supplements. The purity, dissolution, and absorption meet the highest regulatory standards verified by an outside party. They undergo testing at several stages throughout the process for purity and potency and are typically only sold by a licensed health care practitioner such as a doctor or Compounding Pharmacy. So, if you are going to invest in fish oil, make sure to do your research and spend your money on a quality product.


    Here are some products we recommend.


    OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 which offers 720mg of omega 3s in the form of EPA and DHA for each soft gel.


    OmegaGenics Mega 10 which offers omega 3s as well as omega 7s.


    Pro-Omega which offers 820mg of omega 3s in the form of EPA and DHA.