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  • CBD and Animal Conditions

    CBD and Animal Conditions

    As our country’s perception shifts regarding cannabis, more research is slowly appearing with the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in veterinary practice. According to a recent survey 61.5% of veterinarians felt comfortable discussing CBD with colleagues, but only 45.5% felt comfortable discussing with clients (Kogan, 2019). There is confusion currently around the legal status of cannabis in states that do not currently have legal recreational or medical legislature, including Texas. Time will give clarity as the Senate will decide by May 27th possible expansion to the Compassion Use Act. 

                As far as utilization in veterinary practice, the most documented benefits have been associated with reduction in pain, epilepsy and anxiety related issues. There are many other disease states CBD has shown to be helpful in humans such as nausea, vomiting, cancer, multiple sclerosis, loss of appetite, glaucoma, spinal cord injuries, hypertension and Parkinson’s. There is no reason to believe these could not be areas to potentially help in future with animals as well.

                A large therapeutic window has been used with CBD so dosing is not precisely clear. Most dosing charts recommend starting at 0.25mg per pound of animal bodyweight and adjust as needed. There is research to be done regarding CBD but would recommend looking sooner than later to keep your practice prepared for present and future demand. 

    Articles for further info about CBD

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