The Benefits of Compounded Medication

The Benefits of Compounded Medication

Each and every person comes from a different background, has different DNA, works a different job, lives in a different home, reacts to different foods, and the list could go on and on. So, why do many of us take the same medication if we are all different in so many ways? Did you know there was another option to medication? There is and the good news is that it is customizable to your specific needs. It’s called compounded medication. Compounding allows a medication to be personalized for an individual patient. The ability to create these personalized medications allows compounding pharmacists to help patients with a wide variety of needs. Learn more about how Pharmacy Solutions can help you through compounded medication.

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes discontinue a medication for specific reasons or maybe manufacture a drug that is hard to find. This sometimes happens due to not enough people taking the drug and the pharmaceutical company no longer deems the medication profitable. But, what happens to the people that still need the medication? That’s where compounding pharmacies like Pharmacy Solutions can help. Compounding pharmacists can re-create that medication by producing a compounded version of the medicine. So, even if there is only one person that needs to take the medication, we can provide that service!

Patients with allergies can sometimes have a tough time with medication if they are allergic to a specific ingredient found in the drug. Those problems may come from dairy, preservatives, dyes, gluten, or sugar. In these instances, compounding pharmacists have the ability to make that medication without the problematic ingredient. This ensures the patient is taken care of and getting the right treatment free of worry.

The next benefit of compounded medication is that compounding pharmacists are able to make medications easier to use. Many medications may have a bad taste or are too large for some patients to swallow. Compounding pharmacies can easily flavor medications to make them taste better or make them into a liquid to prevent patients from swallowing huge pills. This is a huge convenience for patients that may refuse to take medications, especially children, older adults, and pets!

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