The Importance of 10k Steps Per Day

The Importance of 10k Steps Per Day

A lot of people think it’s just a trend to track your steps on a cool watch but that is not the case! Over time, walking has become one of the most underrated forms of exercise. There are many benefits when it comes to getting all of your steps each day and it is easier than you think.

How You Can Start Stepping to Better Your Health

The average amount of steps to gain benefit from is 10,000. The number of steps seems off-putting at first however, steps can vary in distance from person to person and averages out to be about four to five miles in distance. This form of cardio is easy for everyone and does not escalate intensely as time goes on. It is like you don’t even know you’re working out! Making lifestyle changes like this can be difficult at first but the overall benefits from adding this easy STEP in your daily routine is a good way to start.

Cardio for Cardiovascular Health

Strengthen your heart! Walking is considered to be cardio and cardio is good for the heart. This is due to the heart beating faster, making it increase the blood flow in the small vessels around the heart. Around the small vessels outside of the heart, is where blockages from fatty deposits can collect over time and become an issue. For example, it can lead to heart attacks. There are many other ways your heart benefits from cardio such as lowering cholesterol and risk of strokes. Your heart is the most important muscle of all, it’s important to keep it in the best condition! Adding a quality CoQ10 is another good source for heart health.

Stepping for the Burn

Calories calories calories! Although bodies vary, the average amount of calories burned are anywhere between 250 and 600 a day, which averages out to 1,750 and 4,200 a week. One pound is said to be roughly 3,500 calories. Therefore, adding those steps to your day can help you lose about a pound a week. Walking helps increase your energy levels throughout the day and helps build lean muscle, burning calories even when your body is at rest. There are many studies showing that it’s best to get as many steps early in the morning, lowering your glycogen levels and making your body burn fat instead.

Studies show that after five years of this routine, it can help reduce insulin sensitivity levels and in the long run, lowering diabetes levels. Many people do not get the exercise or burn the calories they need. Taking in more calories than you burn is one of the most common ways to gain weight and not lose it nor keep it off. The constant increase of weight gain and poor lifestyle choices lead to pre-diabetics and diabetic patients, says director of Diabetes Management, MD Gerald Berstein. Stabilizing your blood sugar can be as easy as walking!

Walking for Brain Power

Improve your brain health 10,000 steps at a time. There is a direct correlation between physical activity and improved cognitive performance. The benefits for brain health include increased oxygen to the brain, possible slower decline over time, and risks of dementia also become reduced. Those who suffer from depression can also get relief from counting steps. Physically active people have shown to be less depressed than those with sedentary lifestyles by 30% and also helps those recovering stay on track.

Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Arranging a time to get in your steps or incorporating them into your daily routine can give you great health benefits and feel better all around! This form of exercise is good for any age and is a good recommendation as you get older and it becomes more difficult to participate in more intense cardio, as walking is easier on the body. Keeping a record of your steps can be so simple too. Many do it through their fitness watch or smartphone with the activity tracking app! Don’t be afraid of this hot topic- It’s more than a trend!! This is also a great way to reinforce healthy habits because you can do it without even thinking about it! Care about your overall health and the many benefits that come from simple, stepping!

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