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  • Cyclosporine- Uses and Forms for Dry Eye and Pannus

    Cyclosporine- Uses and Forms for Dry Eye and Pannus

    Cyclosporine: This medication is an immune modulating agent that can be used to increase tear production primarily by minimizing inflammation in the eye.  It is mainly only administered in dogs to treat dry eye and will need to be given indefinitely in dogs that are responsive to treatment. Its benefit has been shown and well documented in animals with pannus or keratoconjunctivitis (KCS). It is estimated that around 80% of dogs with KCS will increase tear production while on topical Cyclosporine therapy. It is important to note that it may take a few weeks for Cyclosporine to achieve its full therapy benefit. Unfortunately, similar conditions in cats will not see benefit since often the culprit is ocular herpes, and Cyclosporine has been seen to exacerbate the situation as monotherapy.

    Warnings: Local site reactions could be seen such as redness, irritation, stinging and blurred vision. Systemic effects are unlikely since given as ophthalmic drop. If giving multiple eye drops, wait a minimum of five minutes before instilling the next eye drop to allow proper time for absorption of the product. Proper technique is key with the administration of eye drops since it is important not to touch the animal’s eye with the dropper bottle, fingers or any other particulate.

    Forms: Cyclosporine is commonly prescribed in an ophthalmic suspension with strengths between 1-2%, although lower strengths can be accommodated. When deemed appropriate, an ophthalmic ointment is also feasible and great for adhesion to the ocular surface area. However, the ointment may prove difficult to administer since applied to lower eyelid. Feel free to contact us here at Pharmacy Solutions with any of your custom veterinary compounding needs.