New Hope for Cancer Patients?

Mebendazole an Old Drug Offers Hope to Patients Who Suffer from Untreatable Cancers.

Tom Siegenthaler, DPh, RPh, FACA

     Mebendazole is an approved drug for parasitic infections that has a long and proven record of safety.  Mebendazole (MBZ) has been shown in multiple studies to have anti-cancer activity by interrupting how cancer cells divide and grow.  The anti-cancer properties have also been shown to cause cell death, stop cells from spreading and growing.  Studies have also shown that MBZ does not affect normal cells and targets cancer cells, thus eliminating many of the harmful side effects seen with traditional cancer therapies. 

     Mebendazole and other drugs in this class have been studied treating:

  1. Brain cancers- glioblastoma multiforme
  2. Colon and gastric cancers
  3. Malignant meningiomas
  4. Lung cancer
  5. Breast cancer, and triple negative breast cancers
  6. Head and neck squamous cell cancers
  7. Melanoma
  8. Ovarian cancer
  9. Prostate cancer

Mebendazole may offer hope to many patients suffering from one of these types of cancers when other treatments have failed, or when all other types of treatment offer little or no hope.  The economic burden and health burden from the increasing incidence of many cancers and failures of past treatments make this repurposing of an old drug the only option and hope for many. Recent research has found that a large number of new drugs enter the market without evidence of benefit for survival or improved quality of life.

There are some special considerations in dosing for this off label use to treat cancers and those will be addressed in later postings as well as looking at the studies treating these types of cancers. 

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