Beat Holiday Stress with Magnesium

The Holiday Season is supposed to be a time filled with Joy. However, between traveling, shopping, entertaining, and time spent with family, the holidays can often lead to great amounts of stress.

Pharmacy Solutions wants to help prepare you for the holiday season with one simple supplement. A mineral called Magnesium.

Magnesium: The Missing Mineral

Did you know over 70% of Americans are deficient in magnesium? Magnesium is needed for over 300 chemical reactions in the body. Between the hustle and bustle of the holidays, making sure you have enough magnesium can be important to make sure your body is functioning optimally so you can stop stressing and enjoy every moment this holiday season.


Benefits of Magnesium at the Holidays

  1. Cope with Stress. The holidays can bring about great deals of stress. Magnesium, also known as nature’s chill pill is the most critical mineral for coping with stress. When you are stressed, your body also uses more magnesium to help cope with your stress. If you are not supplementing with magnesium, you could be further depleting yourself of magnesium Getting an adequate dose of magnesium could help relieve some stress this holiday season.
  2. Get more Quality Sleep. Between traveling, holiday events, and stressing over your to-do list, sleep can be hard to come by this time of year. Magnesium helps your muscles relax, and like mentioned above, cope with stress. A combination of these is a great way to get better sleep so that you can make the most of the holidays.
  3. Help with Staying Regular. From eating your favorite holiday dishes to traveling long distances to see family, you may experience a significant change in your regularity. Magnesium is beneficial in keeping things moving and regular even when your diet or schedule change drastically.

Magnesium During the Holidays

Although magnesium is great year round, it is especially important during the Holidays. Pharmacy Solutions wants you to enjoy every second celebrating and less time feeling stressed, tired and bloated.

If you think magnesium can help you this holiday season, check out all the magnesium supplements we offer online or call our store for more information.

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