Category: Women’s Health

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Every year, Pharmacy Solutions dedicates the month of October to educate patients about Breast Cancer. Whether you have been affected by Breast Cancer, know

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The Top 5 Vitamins for Women

At Pharmacy Solutions we believe patient health should be demystified and simplified. Ask us a question any time and get a straight answer. We take pride in being personal, supportive

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Naturally, Beautiful Lashes

There is no better feeling than feeling beautiful, naturally. In 2006, the founder created this lash serum conditioner to increase the growth of his wife’s eyelashes during her fight against

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Probiotics and Vaginal Health

For proper health, vaginal tissues must have a correct balance of various micro-organisms including bacteria and yeast. Most of the organisms are bacteria and a healthy vagina has mostly Lactobacilli

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Hormones and Headaches

There are multiple types of headaches which are caused or influenced by hormones. Migraine headaches, of which there are several subtypes associated with the menstrual cycle are the most common.

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